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This page gives a brief background on our company.  [中文]

When Did CabTec International llc Start ?

CabTec International llc was founded in 1993 as CABCONsulting by Craig A Bianchini after employment with the Beloit Corporation.  At Beloit, he was part of the team developing the Beloit RDH cooking process, ultimately having the responsibilities of the RDH Product Manager.  Please refer to the page discussing displacement digester history for RDH development information.  CABCONsulting became CabTec International in 1999 and CabTec International llc in 2002 (Pennsylvania Entity #3049041).

What Did CAB CONsulting & CabTec International Offer ?

The first two entities (CABCONsulting and CabTec International) supplied technical assistance to Beloit for their RDH projects throughout the world until Beloit's disbandment in 1998.  CabTec also entered into a contract with PT Kiani Kertas in Borneo, Indonesia during the years of 1996 and 1997 to represent their interest in the erection and commissioning of a new Beloit RDH cooking system, which consisted of ten 325 cubic meter (13,000 cubic feet) digesters, in addition to supervising and training their digester operators.

What Does CabTec International llc Offer Today ?

CabTec International llc is a chemical process technology development company.  It no longer directly offers technology to the marketplace and has contracted Chemical and Pulping Ltd (CPL) to distribute all of it's technology as determined by CPL worldwide.

Who is the management team at CabTec International llc ?

Craig A Bianchini PE PMP CEM;  President    (email)

Mr. Bianchini is the founder and owner of CabTec International llc as discussed above.

Please visit the management page for further information.

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