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This page describes our cooking systems offered for wood and bamboo furnish. [中文]

 Displacement Digester Systems, DDS

DDS is a batch reactor based cooking system designed to reuse chemical and thermal energy through the use of storage vessels and heat exchange equipment.  The technology is a modern version of conventional batch digesting and the Beloit RDH systems.

The DDS is an environmental "Green Technology" offering:

bulletEnergy Efficiency - uses less energy
bulletHigh Strength Fiber at Low Kappa Numbers
bulletDecrease in the required bleaching chemicals and subsequent effluent pollution
bulletCan use simultaneous mixed furnish, including bamboo
bulletVapor system is a 'Closed System'

DDS utilizes batch reactors which have the benefits of:

bulletEasily retrofitting existing batch systems
bulletEasily modified to accept new technology in the future
bulletQuick furnish and product swing
bulletLow kappa variation
bulletThe system easily expands to increase production in the future

DDS Bamboo

We offer a modified DDS process that has all the benefits noted above in order to maximize the use of bamboo as a furnish.

Proven Technology

The technology of displacing liquors through a batch digester is well proven.  The benefits of low energy usage, higher quality and lower bleach chemical usage have been accomplished at all the installations.  Please visit the installation page for more information.

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